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Intro page

Paul & Rebecca make their pledges

The chapel at night, and Fr.Altier

Inductions cremony

Arch. Flynn celebrating Mass

Arch. Flynn during homily

Paul & Rebecca with Fr.Altier

Fr.Val at rest after dinner

Winnie, Shelley, Arch. Flynn, Bruce and Ron

Paul, Donna, Rebecca, Dorothy

A touching image of Paul & Rebecca actual pledges

The group at lunch

Dorothy, Leslie, Susan

Lorraine and Ray  Metzger and Deborah Thielan

Rebecca Campbell and Mike Lewis at lunch

Norman and Pat Daoust and LeAnn Belisle

Kathy Frazer

Pat Hill, the organist

Donna Beery

Chuck Hernandez

Dining together

Paul at prayer alone

Rebecca and Dorothy

Bruce and Shelley Fahey

Shelley at work on the retreat

The Chapel in the evening

Letter sent by Arch.Flynn after the Retreat

Prior Lake Retreat Center