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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
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April 18, 2005

From the Lord Himself…

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Pay heed all you Faithful of Christ. Everyone in the whole world should remember that the Rules of life that St. Francis gave us were from Jesus Christ, our Lord, Himself. Not from St. Francis, but through St. Francis, who was the instrument the Lord used to transform the world in His day. Consider again what the Lord said to St. Francis at Rieti, as was posted last week on this BLOG.

“Francis, nothing in this Rule is yours, for all is mine. I wish the Rule to be obeyed to the letter, to the letter, without a gloss, without a gloss. I know what the frailty of man can achieve, and I know how much I intend to help them. So, let those who are not willing to obey the Rule leave the Order.??

The Lord made it very clear that if one would not follow the Rule that St. Francis gave them as coming from Him, they should leave the Order. He said: “Nothing in this rule is yours, for all is mine.” It doesn’t matter that St. Francis wrote his Rules for us. It matters that the Lord actually, factually, revealed himself to the friars at Rieti and told them that what St. Francis wrote was His words, not those of St. Francis. Therefore, heed well especially those who say they are Franciscan, Jesus Christ authored the original Rules of the Franciscan Order.

The Rule of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance, of St. Francis, is the Rule that St. Francis gave the laity in his day; the First Rule of the Third Order of 1221. It was the Rule therefore, that the Lord gave the laity, not St. Francis, consistent with the message above at Rieti, which history records came from the Lord himself. This life was in fact the Rule of the Third Order of St. Francis until 1883, when the first revisions were made to it by Pope Leo XIII. Later revisions to the Rule of 1883, in 1978, by a committee of Franciscans, would eliminate the Rule of 1221 completely. This effectively eliminated what the Lord had given the laity through St. Francis in favor of a modern rendition created by men. Was this right? Was this wise? Was this holy?

Why not live the Rule that the Lord Himself gave us through St. Francis? Decide for yourself, but remain at peace with all.