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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
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July 27, 2005

Books and money bound together

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Books and money bound together ,
echoes both of our minds,
destroyers of a simpler way,
proud glimmers of these times.

Fr. Thomas Dubay, who has written many books himself, says that books should not be written unless they are needed. St. Francis would not even allow his first friars to have books except for the Bible and their breviary. Today, there are authors sprouting everywhere and among them many explaining the Franciscan life as if they were St. Francis himself! Burn the books! Live the Rules that St. Francis gave us, among them the Rule of 1221 for the laity! That is the simple way to holiness!

And as to money? Nothing needs to be said of it either. The Lord said you cannot serve God and money, and to St. Francis it was completely off limits for those who would follow his way. Many modern authors of the Franciscan way write for one main reason…to make money. Books and money bound together…destroy the Franciscan way because invariably almost anything written today promotes a life of relative ease and comfort, not the life of penance that St. Francis outlined for us.

The ancient writings on St. Francis point to the life that he, himself, gave us. There is enough written about St. Francis in those original works on the Saint written by Thomas of Celano, St. Bonaventure, and others to fuel your spiritual life in a powerful way. Use these works to grow in the way of life that St. Francis himself gave us, which is itself also outlined in those original works much more clearly than in anything written these modern days.

July 4, 2005

Strife in his Orders intended for peace

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Strife in his Orders intended for peace,
egos as high as the sky ,
splits those guided should have asided,
Francis himself would rather we die.

Peace does not reign as much in the families of St. Francis these days as testified to by the many changes and divisions within these groups. These divisions form among people, including the laity, usually for simple reasons; little differences of opinion, unworthy of more than passing notice. Little things become big things; molehills become mountains if we are not attentive and careful. So we all need to do all we can to promote peace and unity, as did St. Francis.

Pride is the greatest weapon of the evil one, and it causes people to do terrible things to each other. Satan uses it against us easily simply by bringing us to promote ourselves and our opinions in all things. It does not take much to move us in that direction. Most of us love ourselves a great deal. So if we do not consciously focus on the need for humility, we may easily become prideful and destroy the good works of God and others around us.

If we diminish ourselves and consider others to be wiser and better than ourselves we can avoid these things. If we surrender our own wills to those of others, always seeking the Divine Will in all things, we surely can avoid fracturing the tender relations needed to hold organizations and people together. Splits are caused by people seeking their own will. They decide how things are to be, even when in organizations that have existed for years. The simple fact is that in our decisions we can force change that separates and divides rather than unites. Unity requires recognizing we are one cog in the wheel and that we must remain united to others to turn the wheels of progress, even spiritual growth and progress in the Church. Let us all be resolved to pray and work for unity and peace in all of our relations but especially the Orders of St. Francis, for that is what he would surely want. He would rather we die than that we sin against pride, for pride caused the first fall and it is still causing that among us today.