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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

December 5, 2005

Lifestyle led, oft sanguine red…

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Why can’t it be seen in the modern lights,
the walkways all paved and new,
lifestyles led oft sanquine red,
everything so very askew.

The simple fact is that the cities of today’s world are always being built as if the earth is paradise and we are going to stay alive on earth forever. Our beautiful, shining, cities, so well lighted, so beautiful, so new, do nothing to help us focus on eternity with God, or judgement, justice, or moderation. Despite their beauty, in our cities we see blood flowing in our streets, savagery, drugs, rampant sexuality, abuse, and all forms of disorder and evil. The underlying current of our modern societies is not peace, joy, and brotherhood. We need to reflect on this reality and realize, with St. Augustine, that our hearts will not rest until they rest in God.

The real question this raises for Christian people is how we need to act to do God’s will in this modern age. Do we blend into the world. Do we enjoy the opulence of the times? Do we buy into it, and promote worldliness? Or do we oppose it, live and promote the Gospel message and simplicity, and try to lead lives of penance which draws us out of this world and focuses us on the things of heaven that are to come. Of course, we must do the later, and the Rule of 1221 is the perfect way to walk through these modern times and not get caught up in them.