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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

February 18, 2006

Please hold her dear!

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There is yet another delay it seems,
the Mother of God is near ,
incredulous we seem to be these days,
that Franciscans should hold her dear .

Mary is close to us. Mary has been giving mankind messages for over a century. Messages of warning, and of extreme love. Repent, or punishment will come. God will not be silent. He will not be ridiculed.

The most recent of these, going on even as this BLOG is being written, is happening at Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. Though not yet approved by the Church it is OK for Christans to go there. The messages there are sobering to the serious. The world is in grave danger is mankind does not repent and turn back to God.

The most amazing thing today is that despite the Church giving us the OK to go to Medjugorje most Franciscans do not hold the messages to be of much value. Our Lady has said, among the many things she has said in Medjugorje, that her apparitions there will be approved, but too late for many. She cries, and tells us to ‘Repent now.??, while there is yet time. The messages there cannot be approved until the apparitions end, and they have not ended yet, as of this year, 2006. They began in 1981, so this is the 25th year of her appearance there to the six visionaries. Three allegedly still see her. When she gives them the last, the tenth, message she has given the others, she will leave.

Unfortunately Mary is not held dear in so many Catholic groups. Her messages are discounted, or even ridiculed. We should all beware of the consequences of ignoring the Mother of God. The consequences will be grave.