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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

April 24, 2006

Hearts must be altered…!

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Hearts must alter Her voice cries,
or your world will be no more,
for you my children have forgotten,
to do penance as before.

The times are very serious, but does anyone care? Messages have been given worldwide but is anyone listening? Is anyone even trying to follow the warnings from heaven, largely given by Our Lady but not only from her. We must change our ways! We must alter our hearts and become concerned about God and His will for us. What he wants from us and what we must do to obtain the salvation He offers us.

We have all just come through Lent, and into the joy of Easter. Have we refreshed our thinking any? We saw again what our Lord suffered. How he was humiliated, scourged, mocked, and made to carry a cross before a people who hated Him even though he had worked many wonders, signs, and miracles among this same people. Then he is nailed to a cross, and to the moment of His death mocked and ridiculed. At the end of His suffering, before He dies, he forgives us, and surrenders Himself to His father. With His death all things are made new. The gates of heaven are opened and death becomes a door to them. Did we listen?

If we don’t listen the messages say our world will never be the same. We will be chastised and no one knows what it will be. Might it be the end of the world? God knows: we don’t. It will be severe though. It will be less severe only if we do penance. We cannot stop the final coming chastisement according to Our Lady. We can mitigate the chastisements that precede it. There is before this stupid, blind world a wave of coming chastisements followed by a GREAT CHASTISEMENT we have been told. We have seen some already although they are NOT part of what Our Lady has foretold. They are preliminary warnings. The hurricanes, sunamis, earthquakes, famines, wars and other tragedies now upon us are PRELIMINARY to what is coming!

So, do not allow yourself to be lukewarm and indifferent to these times if you want to survive them and get to heaven.
God has the perfect right to be stern with us. We are His creatures. He is our creator! Like a painter where the paint runs he has the right to completely destroy the picture he has created and start over. Let us humbly approach God doing penance and being good. Beating our breasts with fasting and abstinence and good works, and asking forgiveness for our sins and guidance to do good for the love of this God who has given us everything and has the perfect right to take it all back! Now is the time to do penance! Now is the time to covert your heart to God and forget this world, which is passing away. Come now! Awaken, dear people of God! Time is short!

A wonderful way to begin to do penance was given to us by St. Francis in 1221 when he gave us the First Rule of the Third Order of St. Francis: Memoriale Propositi. The people of those times saw the great holiness of St. Francis and asked how they could become holy. He gave them this Rule, and it is being lived again in today’s world by the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis and a few others. It is a holy lifestyle. Make it a real part of the way you live for God. Go to our web site at www.bspenance.org and join our Association. It costs nothing but a heart desiring to die to itself and live more for God and appease the Heart of Our Savior. Live this life given to us by a Saint under the direction of the Lord as your gift to God to help save the world and bring souls to God. Then you can feel the joy of knowing you are a servant of the Lord and helping others to save their souls. Wouldn’t you like that? God would. As St. Francis said: “Let us begin, for until now we have done nothing!”

April 4, 2006

She arises…message bold!

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Yet she arises as foretold,
crowned countenance bright, message bold,
from mother fires strength to change,
ancient fervor growing cold.

Mary is with us today as never before in history. Her appearances in modern history, over the past 100 or so years and before, demonstrate the seriousness of the times. A day is as a 1000 years to God Scripture says, and a 1000 years as a day. It is not different with Mary who abides now in God. Her appearances in modern history can all be taken as one, and the most recent one coming is Medjugorje.

She came there as a woman crowned with 12 stars just as is foretold in the Book of Revelation. “A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”
(RV 12:1) That is not an accident. We are in the ‘end times’! She has said it. Whatever that is to mean to us it is serious. She is not being meek. She is boldly calling us all. Go to www.Medjugorje.com and read the messages. They are powerful! Yes, it is true, that these apparitions are not yet approved, but that is partly because they cannot be approved until they are over and they are not over! When they are over Mary has said they will be approved, but in the words of Our Lady herself, too late for what is coming! Too late for some to convert! So she always boldly states: “Convert now!”.

And she doesn’t tell us to do that without affording her motherly strength and promise to help us. If we convert she will help us. As in all things, we must act first. We have free will. We need to exercise that free will and make a choice for God! Having made the choice, and as we work to begin to do what Mary, and the Gospel, asks of us, she is with us. She will give us the strength to change. She will draw us away from being cold and indifferent to God to being on fire with love of God and neighbor and ready for what is coming. Thank you Mary! Thank you Mother! Blessed be the Lord!