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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
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September 23, 2006

Thanks to You…dear God…

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O Glorious God, All Praise to Thee,
our race upheld by Your She,
thanks to you for creating her
so Light her image in history.

How wonderful and thoughtful of God to restore to humanity through woman what was lost in the garden due to the sin of Eve, our first mother. In and through Mary we have access anew to God as we did in the garden of Eden only more perfectly, for now the Son of God does not merely walk among us but dwells within us for the “...Kingdom of God is at hand.??(Mk 1:15) So all mankind owes God endless praise for His coming to us through the great Virgin Mother, the woman of His Will, Mary, who upholds our race. She is the woman “clothed in the sun?? of the book of Revelation; who has come to us in our age. Modern man, it seems quite dramatically, has drawn the attention of our mother due to our persistent belief that we can do quite well without God. Modern man has become essentially Godless.
And, for that reason alone probably, her presence among men has not been so known in other ages as it is in ours, including even when she walked the earth. One need only consider the modern appearances of Our Lady and her messages to realize how she upholds “our race??, her children, whom she is always calling, beckoning, to greater holiness, to a more perfect and holy relationship with God. In these modern appearances, especially both at Fatima and since Fatima, she is crying out to humanity to return to God. His “SHE?? in an age of defilement and error among men and women wherein roles are not merely reversed, for that is not the worst sin, but neither recognized nor respected. She is the clear recognition and representation of woman’s most sacred role on earth: wife and mother, and of course, Saint. In these things she is a light to the world, and no one “lights a lamp to put it under a basket. No, a light is put on a lampstand so as to give light to the whole house?? (Matt 5:15), that is, the community of the believers. Such is true of Mary.
She is wife. Pure, unblemished, hard working, loving, gentle, and kind. Dedicated to creating a home for her husband, St. Joseph, and her child, Jesus. Nothing in Scripture covers these points directly, but what emerges in the Scriptures is the man, Jesus. Jesus! Unprecedented in message and holiness Jesus walks among his peers both respected and fearless, an obvious product of a good Jewish home wherein his father and his father’s wife are likewise respected and faithful to their Jewish heritage. Unprecedented also because he is the Son of God, and, most conspicuously, the son of Mary.
Her involvement’s with earthly affairs are not allowed in Scripture to overshadow the life and message of her son, the Christ. Scripture is conspicuous through its silence that she must have been a wonderful wife. And she trusted her husband in so many ways, such as going to Egypt, which was tantamount to banishment, at his command, to avoid Herod’s wrath. How many other simple and beautiful ways she was wife to St. Joseph one can only guess, and at that, sanctified in mutual vows of perpetual chastity according to tradition. So Jesus was to be their only child: a product of the union of Mary and the Holy Spirit for she herself said “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?”(Lk. 1:34)
She is mother, that beautiful name beyond all other names. Certainly she was the Mother of God who gave human life to the Son at Bethlehem. Through the divine nature itself she is the Mother of God forever, for God is forever. In the light of eternity she will always be the Mother of God. And her Son has given her as mother to all humanity in recognition of the title, role and holy recognition for every mother.
It is recorded in the Gospel of John that Jesus gave her as mother to all of us when He said to John, who was standing at the foot of the cross with her, “There is your mother.?? ( Jn. 19:27) So, as decreed by the eternal God, she will always be our mother too. Mother… the cooker, the baker, the clothier, the lover of children, the ear always listening, the heart always responding, a sacrifice always waiting to be made for love of others, an intermediary with father, an advocate always…mother. Everyone needs a mother.
And she was a mystic, a soul in union with God to whom God revealed, in His own way and time, His plans and secrets. We will never know all that God did in the heart of this holy Virgin whom He chose from all of human history as His very own Woman, to procure for the race what Eve lost. She was consecrated to God at an early age by St. Ann and St. Joachim, her parents. She was given to the temple as a temple virgin. She saw and spoke with an angel when “In the sixth month, (of the pregnancy of her cousin, Elizabeth) the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a town of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph of the house of David.??(Lk 1:26)
She was very young to speak to an angel, but she was very holy and knew the discipline of the temple. Through all of her life we all have been told that “Mary treasured all these things, and reflected on them in her heart?? (Lk. 2:19) So she was always in a position through her heart to know her Son and to instruct us like she did His apostles to “Do whatever He tells you.?? (Jn. 2:5) , for she knows as only a mother can when we “have no wine?? (Jn. 2:5), that is, need her Son’s assistance especially when we are out in the world.