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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
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October 22, 2006

…without darkness…no tomb.

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O Most High God whose Son is Our Lord
sprung by Your Will sweetly from her womb,
Immaculate Conception, virgin birth, pure Mary
without darkness before birth, and still no tomb.

By the Will of God the angel Gabriel came to Bethlehem and announced, to the Virgin, God’s favor and his desire that she become the Mother of his Son. Mary’s fiat, “Be it done unto me according to your word.?? (Lk 1:38) ) seals the conception. It is immaculate, it is immediate. The Spirit of Life gives Life to himself in the person of the Son of God within the womb of the virgin, who will bring the Spirit back to the world. The Father is again the Creator, the entire Trinity is immersed in this act of conception. The Father creating, the Son saving, the Holy Spirit enlightening the holy Virgin. She, in union with the intention of the Holy Trinity, seals the conception with her words. It is accomplished in an immaculate and holy way.
What Fire of Love enveloped her flesh as this pure and holy event occurred in her womb we will never know! Immaculate Conception! A name humanity would not give her until Bernadette Souboroui at Lourdes would tell her pastor that the lady only she sees calls herself the Immaculate Conception.
What graces according to Church tradition enveloped this holy virgin from the time of her own conception in St. Ann. The Church has long held that Mary herself, like the first Eve, was born free from Original sin. She is the first fruits of the Son of God, who was to become her son. How this happened we do not know. That it happened is Church dogma. SS Ann and Joachim waited their entire lives for a child and prayed constantly for the coming of the Messiah, not knowing they would give life to and nurture the mother of the Messiah in their own home. Not knowing that the child St. Ann would bear would be spared original sin, through no merit of her own, but only through the grace of God to fulfill the Scriptures.
How this happened we do not know except that it could be no other way. She who was to become the Mother of God could scarcely be born in sin. And because she was herself born without sin by God’s Will she had a natural affinity for the “things of God?? even as all the rest of the human race has a natural affinity for sin. And because of this purity of soul the Virgin would experience life, and death, as our first parents would have had they not fallen. So she died, yes, though not in pain and bitterness. And she was taken to heaven body and soul, hence “no tomb??. A fact that is seldom pondered at all these days. Let the world explain! Why is there no grave for Mary! Surely we would not have lost track of her grave, if she had one.

October 9, 2006

Thinking only of Love…

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O Loving King, a great Queen you made her
as your Lady would have to be,
Yet herself thinking only of Love
which bound her always to Thee.

God is King; Mary is Queen, His Lady, the Star of His heavenly court. And as “God is love.?? (1 Jn 8) , so those who abide in Him are also creatures of Love as was Mary the epitome because “God’s love was revealed in our midst in this way: he sent his only Son to the world.?? (1 Jn. 9) who was “present to God in the beginning?? (Jn. 1:2) and “Of his fullness we have all had a share – love following upon love.?? (Jn. 1:10) And He sent this Son to the virgin when she said “Let it be done to me as you say.?? (Lk. 1:38) So her thoughts were always on Love and her life dedicated to Love for He dwelled in her and she cared for Love all of her life and projected it to all mankind and still does because Love is bound to Her and He is bound to her as God within her. So His Love has bound “her always to Thee.??.