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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

December 4, 2006

The Star of the sea…

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O Gate of Heaven, Star of the sea,
hold us close to your breast
for the world clutches at us with dark, cruel claws;
in you, His She, may we find His rest.

Brother Not sfo
November 19993

The world clutches at us! It is the realm of the prince of darkness. He is subtle. He seldom roars like a lion, though he occasionally does, but he always is prowling like one. Look out foolish world! He is real! He has a velvet touch but he wants your soul! In him there is no rest! His opponent holds the secret. The woman, who will crush his head as he strikes at her heel . The Lord put enmity between Satan and the woman. She knows both rest and peace and longs to share them with her offspring, for she is the Star of the sea.
The Star of the sea! The star giving light to the whole sea of human affairs and beings. She is the Gate of heaven; blest are those who keep their eye on her. Through Mary we see more clearly her Son, the Messiah, her Jesus and our Jesus, her God and our God. She teaches us to fast and pray and stay centered in God . She shows us the way to His peace. So, let us seek to join mother and become “morning stars??, lights to our world, for the Love of God!