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March 7, 2005

Brothers, let us begin

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My soul invisible, silent but real,
moves, but not effortlessly
as I see on modern wings of steel,
but peacefully, through striving, towards holy Thee.

So salvation comes to us as we move through our lives and grow in the knowledge of God, but not without effort. For “from the deep recesses of the heart” (Mark 7:21) comes who we are and what we must work on and with.
If our fruit is good , for it “must endure” (Jn. 15:16), we have a nice start on things but must always be watchful having been told that “When you have done all you have been commanded to do, say ‘We are useless servants. We have done nothing more than our duty.’”(Lk. 17:10). For this reason St. Francis used to always say “Brothers, let us begin, for till now we have done nothing.” (Bonaventure: Major Life – Chapter XIV, 1)
And, if our fruit is not good we need to weep and mourn and strike our breasts and cry out to the Son of God like the blind Bartimaeus, saying, “Jesus, Son of David, take pity on me!” (Mk. 10: 47) and “Give some evidence that we mean to reform” (Lk. 3:8) , for quite honestly, the Lord will “reap where He did not sow and gathers where he did not scatter.” (Matt. 25:26) meaning we have free will and he will judge us on what we have done with it in our lives. Therefore, we all should be careful and really strive for holy things because Scripture says, “God has saved us and has called us to a holy life” (Tim. 1:9) and if we do not strive to be holy, and this lifestyle of the First Rule is holy and can help us on our journey, we may “lose even the little we have. ” (Matt. 25:29) and will be only worthy to be cast into “that everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels!” (Matt. 25:41)
So we all have the opportunity to be saved for Scripture says that “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Rom. 10:13), knowing that in the Lord “not one of them was lost, none but him who was destined to be lost in the fulfillment of Scripture.” (Jn. 17:12) Jesus will lose none of what His Father gives Him so that “where I am, there my servant will be.” (Jn. 12: 26). And if we did not have the opportunity to be saved we would not be judged. But that is not the case and so we should all be vigilant for we know not when the Master will return, and “That servant is fortunate who the Lord finds busy when he returns. He will put him in charge of all his property.” (Lk. 12: 35-44). We are busy if we are about the things of God.

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  1. Divine Will: Jesus: You must know that, as I formed the day of the creature by manifesting many truths on my Divine Will to you, so the Sovereign of Heaven, with her Love, sufferings, prayers and acts – which, done in my Divine Will, filled heaven and earth, forming the appropriate endowment for those those who whill live in It – with great anxiety longs and sighs to be able to equip her children! She sees herself immersed in many riches of Grace, Love and Sanctity, but she can’t find her children to equip them, since they don’t live in that same Will in which she lived. Look, my daughter, how it is written in everything she did and suffered: “for my children”. Therefore, if she loves, she calls her children to receive the endowment of her love in order to make Us recognize them as her children and as Our children, too, and to love them as We love Her, if she prays, she wants to give the endowment of her prayer. On sum, she wants to provide them with all her Sanctity, with her pains, and with the very Life of her Son. Do you think that We remain indifferent before this touching scene, before she, who is in spasms of love – so much that, with her maternal tenderness and with her rights as a Mother, she prays to Us, and begs Us, to give her free rein to pour out to her children a more extensive provision, since she will be allowed to do it only in accordance with their knowledge. Therefore, you too, enter my Divine Will and, together with this Celestial Mother, pray and supplicatae that our Will may be known and reign in all the creatures. Christ said: “Simply say ‘I love you Jesus in your Divine Will. This is simple and immense. I will do the rest. You may also say…I adore YOu, I bless You, and so on…im My Divine Will…so that all you think say and do will be taken up by me and multiplied beyond your capabilities to understand how many suns that will be created by your acts for the glory and honor to the ONE…the mighty One.” Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

    Comment by Della — March 12, 2005 @ 11:37 am

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