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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

April 4, 2005


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You are holy, Lord, the only God,
and your deeds are wonderful.
You are strong, You are great,
You are the Most High, You are almighty,
You, holy Father, are King of heaven and earth.

You are Three and One, Lord God, all good.
You are Good, all Good, supreme Good,
Lord God, living and true.

You are love, You are wisdom,
You are humility, You are endurance, You are rest,
You are peace, You are joy and gladness,
You are all of our riches. And, you suffice for us.

You are beauty. You are gentleness,
You are our protector, You are our guardian and defender.
You are our courage, You are our haven and hope.

You are our faith, our great consolation.
You are our eternal life,
Great and wonderful Lord, God almighty, Merciful Savior.

St. Francis 1224

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