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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

April 12, 2005

…on the original Rules of St. Francis…

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St. Francis went up a mountain (Mount Colombo), near Rieti…to draw up another…(Rule for the friars), and under the guidance of Christ he had it written down. But many ministers came in a body…and said, “We fear that brother Francis is drawing up a new Rule, and we fear he will make it so harsh that it will be impossible for us to keep it. So…we are not willing to be bound by this rule…so they all went together…”

And when he (St. Francis)...saw the ministers, he asked, “What do these brothers want?”

Brother Elias said, “They are ministers who fear you are drawing up a new Rule, and they fear you are going to make it too harsh. They refuse to be bound by it…”

At this blessed Francis raised his face to Heaven and spoke to Christ saying, “Lord, was I not right when I said that they would not believe me?”

And all present heard the voice of Christ answer from heaven:

“Francis, nothing in this Rule is yours, for all is mine. I wish the Rule to be obeyed to the letter, to the letter, without a gloss, without a gloss. I know what the frailty of man can achieve, and I know how much I intend to help them. So, let those who are not willing to obey the Rule leave the Order.”

...and the ministers confessed their guilt and went away confused, and terrified.

PROLOGUE: The Mirror of Perfection 1318

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