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The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis
Stella Matutina

May 23, 2005

Still our modern leaders think!

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Years near forty times a score,
since he walked the earth,
still our modern leaders think,
without his words we near rebirth.

St. Francis is a truly great Saint! He walked the earth over 800 years ago, and for most of those 800 years no one messed with his message. His message was considered sacred and instilled in the life of the Church by action and commitment without alteration.

Still today St. Francis is recognized as a great spiritual leader by people all around, many of whom are not even Catholic, and none of whom have ever met him! How much greater it must have been to see him in action. To meet him when he was alive. And it was on that basis that he founded his three Orders. Only at the end of last century were major changes made to the Franciscan Rules. Then again in the 20 century and especially he late 1970’s when some of the Rules of the Orders were again reworked removing them further in content from their origins.

What was in the minds of modern leaders who have allowed his Orders of today, especially the secular Order, to go a different way. To move away from the disciplines of the lifestyle he gave us. Why would anyone allow any distraction from what the Saint gave us knowing that to be done it would have to be done by someone who is living, who has not been canonized as a Saint? How could the changes be called “Franciscan”?? Yet, that is what happened, and that is what is defended today as the basis of the rebirth of the Franciscan movement, which for the most part is now in decline. The Stella Matutina movement encourages all who love St. Francis to return to the original lifestyles he gave us. The First Rules of His Orders.

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