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January 13, 2006

As he knew may we know too…

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And as he knew may we know too, ’
what he said we must recall,
the glory of Orders are Rules alive,
to praise my God and my All.

The conversion of St. Francis to the Lord was a process, not an event. It will like that for each of us, if we chose to convert at all. Many do not. Having made the decision to learn about the Lord, or love and serve Him more, as it may be, we have begun the process. It begins with a decision for Christ. When we make that decision the Lord, who knows all things, immediately is aware of our decision, and He begins to plan how to help us. If we persist we will come to know and see the conversion in our lives. St. Francis knew this from his own conversion and so he knew we needed a process to convert, especially as lay people. This process is defined in the Rule of 1221; the Rule of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis for those in the Association.

So, to make the conversion we need only recall what he said and did for us. He wrote us a Rule of life. There are many Rules of life in the Catholic Church. Many different paths we can follow to salvation. All bring us humbly to the Lord. All take attention, dedication and work. The Rule of the BSP is one of the most demanding Rules out there these days. Not for everyone, it will call all who follow it to holiness for those who ponder it and live it.

God is praised by those who live such a Rule just by reason of the fact that they live it. It is a living prayer in a sense, and in living it our intention defines our prayer. We intend to live a life of penance to draw closer to God and so God, who knows all things, hears this very special prayer and immediately is there to help us to live out our intention. He won’t make us do anything, but he will certainly help us to be holy. All for the greater honor and glory of God, who is all things to all of us, and the salvation of our souls. Praise to our God, and our All forever!

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