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January 25, 2006

Come to us Oh Spirit of God!

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Sweep wide, pierce deep, Spirit of God,
the voice of the troubadour again clear ,
his words we take to his day we remake ,
lives led in joy, not fear .

The Holy Spirit sets our hearts on fire. He moves where He wills, when He wills. May His Spirit open our minds and hearts to the true meaning of penance and a committed spiritual life. St. Francis knew what that meant, but not until after his conversion. The Holy Spirit moved him too. In his life in what he experienced, and in the motions of his soul and through interventions, dreams, and mystical experiences.

In order to convert we must remake our days, and in the Association of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis we take his words, those of St. Francis, in the Rule of 1221, to do it. We are not deceived by modern authors. We go to the source of Franciscan holiness, St. Francis himself. Why accept a substitute? There are none.

We must look at how we are living and decide how we are going to prepare a way for the Lord in our lives. The first intention has to be the simple inspiration to do it, which always comes from the Spirit of God. We can choose to act on it or ignore it. If we choose to act on it we have to find a way to convert our lives and the words of Christ and His Saints are key ways to do that. In doing this we come to the point of knowing we are living lives for Christ and we move from fear of God, which often is the means God has of moving us to convert, to the love of God and joy of faith and hope in Christ and in His promises of eternal life. In our futures we live in joy, whereas in the past we knew fear.

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