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Stella Matutina

March 9, 2006

Ancient fervor grown cold…

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Yet she arises as foretold,
crowned countenance bright, message bold,
from mother fires strength to change,
ancient fervor growing cold.

Mary has arisen in our modern age, from LaSallete and Fatima, to Medjugorje. We have been warned.
It is time to change. We need to do penance to avert worldwide disasters. We need to do penance to save our souls from hell.

She comes as the woman clothed in the sun, crowned with 12 stars. She comes as the Woman in the book of Revelation! She comes to crush Satan’s head but to do it must use us. So she appeals to us to convert and turn back to her Son. Her call to follow her Son is strong. Her message is always bold in defense of what is holy and good. She promises her help. She prays for us. She needs us to change to make it happen. We are still the weak link in the chain. Her strength and love can carry us along if we but say ‘yes’ to her call.

The times of St. Francis were dark too. The Saint came to be in those times to change the world. He brought a new fervor to religion. He renewed the Church. He established three Orders: one for priests, another for sisters, the Holy Ladies, and a third for the laity with the Rule of 1221 now the Rule of the BSP. These Rules all came from Christ Himself. St. Francis did not create them or even try to create them without guidance from Christ. It is recorded he spoke to the Lord as one speaks to friends. So, we know that the Rules for his Orders all came from Christ.

In these modern times; over the past 100 years, the fervor has chilled. His original Orders have all excused themselves in various ways from following the Rule that St. Francis gave them. It is time again for change. It is time to live again those Rules, and Our Lady calls us to do it. If we would all but live the Rules that St. Francis gave us, in the manner in which he intended, we would all be answering Mary’s call to penance. That is worth thinking about. If we but live the Rule of 1221 Mary will say to us: Thank you for living my call!

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  1. Wonderful words – Christ Calls us to serve him through order. by putting order in our lives – it is the only way that we can go beyong the selfish and greedy ways of our flesh and step forward. We need order in our lives to open our spiritual ears , and hear the will of the father for the purpose in our lives.
    No fruit is born in disorder. please keep telling the world about the love of christ and the peace christ offers through holy order
    In J.C. Br. Raphael Peter – Brothers and sister of the community of the crucified one http://www.communityofthecrucifiedone.org/

    Comment by Br. Raphael Peter — March 22, 2006 @ 11:10 pm

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