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September 3, 2006

Praise to you Most High God!

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Praise to you Most High God,
all creation You have made,
Your Providence cares for us,
teach us again how Francis played.

Brother Not, sfo
November 1993

Brother Not is a shadow name for an SFO member who tried to originate a return to accepting and loving the First Rule of the Third Order within the modern Secular Franciscan Order. This individual, herein Brother Not, told his spiritual director once that he was ‘not’ a brother in St. Francis as far as he could tell due to the fierce criticism he was receiving for encouraging people to know and love their original Rule, the Rule of 1221, Memoriale Propositi. Hence the name “Brother Not” came with the blessing of his SD.

Promoting the original Rule was done peacefully, without force of any kind, in the course of normal dialogues and leadership activities within and for the Secular Franciscan Order in Minnesota in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, by Brother Not. Unfortunately, it was meet with fierce resistance from the leaders of the SFO in those days and this resistance was the seedbed for forming the Stella Matutina Movement within the SFO. Ultimately this movement left the SFO, under the advisement of informed Franciscan friar guides, and lead to the creation of the Private Association of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance (BSP) in Minnesota. This Private Association was renamed in 2003 as the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis (BSP) which has a web page at www.bspenance.org . It is incorporated in the State of Minnesota, but reaches out to the world for the greater honor and glory of God, promoting the life of penance everywhere.

The entire movement and Association is dedicated to discovering anew the lifestyle that St. Francis himself gave us lay people, and promoting this lifestyle in our modern world. We need not fear that this is the way to lead a holy life. That is what the laity sought from St. Francis before he gave them the Rule of 1221 to live. We need only live it trusting in God’s Providence and praising His name.

May the Lord bless us and keep us and guide us all to holiness after the way and in the example of St. Francis of Assisi!

More of the poetry of the Stella Matutina movement will follow this first BLOG soon, with explanation.

Blessed be the Lord!

Bruce Fahey BSP
BLOG author and writer

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