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January 19, 2007


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Soundless like air moves my way,
opportunity covers me as water the sea,
and for this time, scarcely a day
is life, as living here I flee.
My soul invisible, silent but real,
moves, but not effortlessly
as I see on modern wings of steel,
but peacefully, through striving, towards holy Thee.
Prayer, ministry, fasting, sacraments amidst joy,
give it peaceful power, and speed to lift,
Earth journey’s bounds to destroy,
moving life through the ancient rift.
Hoping in mind and deed for Jesus,
and for Him does glide and soar,
songs on air, wings sing sweetly for us,
of things that matter more.
Flightless rear fledges, only guiding things,
thought in error strong when empty of power,
the gift of flight comes from Godly wings
beating tirelessly; thru them spirits would flower.

Brother Not, sfo


Next – some further notes on this poem.

December 4, 2006

The Star of the sea…

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O Gate of Heaven, Star of the sea,
hold us close to your breast
for the world clutches at us with dark, cruel claws;
in you, His She, may we find His rest.

Brother Not sfo
November 19993

The world clutches at us! It is the realm of the prince of darkness. He is subtle. He seldom roars like a lion, though he occasionally does, but he always is prowling like one. Look out foolish world! He is real! He has a velvet touch but he wants your soul! In him there is no rest! His opponent holds the secret. The woman, who will crush his head as he strikes at her heel . The Lord put enmity between Satan and the woman. She knows both rest and peace and longs to share them with her offspring, for she is the Star of the sea.
The Star of the sea! The star giving light to the whole sea of human affairs and beings. She is the Gate of heaven; blest are those who keep their eye on her. Through Mary we see more clearly her Son, the Messiah, her Jesus and our Jesus, her God and our God. She teaches us to fast and pray and stay centered in God . She shows us the way to His peace. So, let us seek to join mother and become “morning stars??, lights to our world, for the Love of God!

November 16, 2006

O Shining Light…

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O Shining Light to our world,
Son resplendent in the Morning Star,
named after her was Francis in a later day
his way still shining from afar.

So, to be the Mother of Jesus! What an incredible honor and joy. Yet how humble she was as was her Son to be. She could not know what her Son was to be in His life except the Messiah. She could not have known His nature. What kind of man He would be. The belief of the times was that the Messiah would be a great warrior and would free Israel as in the days of old. One greater than David or Samson. How far this was from the truth! How much greater still was His history to be!
The Son would be resplendent in Mary. He would have her virtues, her perpetual virginity, her purity, her love of poverty and simplicity. Like a true son He would take lessons from her. He would go one step further in each area. It was already one step further to be a man and be a virgin. That was not supported by the culture. He would go one step further in poverty, for the “Son of Man would have no where to lay his head?? (Matt 8:20) , though his mother had a house. And he would go one step further in suffering, he would die. Mothers teach their sons a lot. They hope they will go one step further and be a better person even than themselves. Such it was with Mary and Jesus.
His true character was captured by Isaiah the prophet, which Our Lady must have known well.
“Here is my servant whom I have chosen,
my loved one in whom I delight.
I will endow him with my spirit
and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles.
He will not contend or cry out,
nor will his voice be heard in the streets.
The bruised reed he will not quench
until judgment is made victorious.
In his name, the Gentiles will find hope.??
(Is. 42: 1-4)

Oh, Jesus, our Jesus, how we love thee!

And St. Francis rose like a morning star twelve centuries later. A new light to the world like our Lady and her child. St. Bonaventure, in his lives of St. Francis, records him as a “morning star?? to the Church in his day. Even as this is written it has been nearly eight centuries since St. Francis walked the earth. Yet today, along with and enhancing the Gospel, St. Francis is an example of holiness to all. A “morning star??.

October 22, 2006

…without darkness…no tomb.

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O Most High God whose Son is Our Lord
sprung by Your Will sweetly from her womb,
Immaculate Conception, virgin birth, pure Mary
without darkness before birth, and still no tomb.

By the Will of God the angel Gabriel came to Bethlehem and announced, to the Virgin, God’s favor and his desire that she become the Mother of his Son. Mary’s fiat, “Be it done unto me according to your word.?? (Lk 1:38) ) seals the conception. It is immaculate, it is immediate. The Spirit of Life gives Life to himself in the person of the Son of God within the womb of the virgin, who will bring the Spirit back to the world. The Father is again the Creator, the entire Trinity is immersed in this act of conception. The Father creating, the Son saving, the Holy Spirit enlightening the holy Virgin. She, in union with the intention of the Holy Trinity, seals the conception with her words. It is accomplished in an immaculate and holy way.
What Fire of Love enveloped her flesh as this pure and holy event occurred in her womb we will never know! Immaculate Conception! A name humanity would not give her until Bernadette Souboroui at Lourdes would tell her pastor that the lady only she sees calls herself the Immaculate Conception.
What graces according to Church tradition enveloped this holy virgin from the time of her own conception in St. Ann. The Church has long held that Mary herself, like the first Eve, was born free from Original sin. She is the first fruits of the Son of God, who was to become her son. How this happened we do not know. That it happened is Church dogma. SS Ann and Joachim waited their entire lives for a child and prayed constantly for the coming of the Messiah, not knowing they would give life to and nurture the mother of the Messiah in their own home. Not knowing that the child St. Ann would bear would be spared original sin, through no merit of her own, but only through the grace of God to fulfill the Scriptures.
How this happened we do not know except that it could be no other way. She who was to become the Mother of God could scarcely be born in sin. And because she was herself born without sin by God’s Will she had a natural affinity for the “things of God?? even as all the rest of the human race has a natural affinity for sin. And because of this purity of soul the Virgin would experience life, and death, as our first parents would have had they not fallen. So she died, yes, though not in pain and bitterness. And she was taken to heaven body and soul, hence “no tomb??. A fact that is seldom pondered at all these days. Let the world explain! Why is there no grave for Mary! Surely we would not have lost track of her grave, if she had one.

October 9, 2006

Thinking only of Love…

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O Loving King, a great Queen you made her
as your Lady would have to be,
Yet herself thinking only of Love
which bound her always to Thee.

God is King; Mary is Queen, His Lady, the Star of His heavenly court. And as “God is love.?? (1 Jn 8) , so those who abide in Him are also creatures of Love as was Mary the epitome because “God’s love was revealed in our midst in this way: he sent his only Son to the world.?? (1 Jn. 9) who was “present to God in the beginning?? (Jn. 1:2) and “Of his fullness we have all had a share – love following upon love.?? (Jn. 1:10) And He sent this Son to the virgin when she said “Let it be done to me as you say.?? (Lk. 1:38) So her thoughts were always on Love and her life dedicated to Love for He dwelled in her and she cared for Love all of her life and projected it to all mankind and still does because Love is bound to Her and He is bound to her as God within her. So His Love has bound “her always to Thee.??.

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